“One-Million-Dollar-Questions” were pointed out by me to several clients which resulted in 7-figure extra profit in the upcoming years.

What is the secret?  Deep attention, complex experience, motivation and a secured but energized atmosphere for high-achiever personalities.

Mixed coaching techniques from acting, high-performance sport, military, art, business and quality management results in new way of thinking and business upgrade. The sessions are always personalized where we took great attention to strengthen the inner intuition (impulses from the great unconscious mind) as well.

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf!"

For the press


Andrea is a multi-award winning, freelance business development consultant. She is mixing the skills of Right and Left Brain to achieve innovative results. Her training and consulting methods are built on this as well.

In the past 10 years she was criss-crossing the world to help FMCGs, franchises, SME-s, startups and freelancers to analyse business plans, trends or become more effective in pitching.

Andrea is a big supporter of gender balance and as a CSR activity she is the lead trainer of the international Women Startup Competition Roadshow.

She was writing more than 30 business - and dissemination plans for EU grants (100% acceptance rate), she was holding more than 50 business development and pitch training meanwhile forecasts trends for different markets.

Andrea worked with some of the world most powerful brands not just as a freelance consultant but in the early ages as a brand manager she optimized several L'Oreal brands. She built up a 3D printing hub as a sales and marketing manager. She built up then exit her own Smart Clothes brand which had sets for for the National Opera, Design Week and Mercedes-Benz Central European Fashion Week as well.

She did art direction for creative materials in British Vogue and was creative director of international brands.

Andrea did 2 university degrees parallel (Industrial Quality Management, Industrial Designer) meanwhile being a president for an NGO for mentor-based, interactive, higher education. She finished university and her 2 year long research with National Innovation Award.

She loves art, dancing, beach sports. She was selected to attend 2 World - and 2 European Championships of underwater hockey and was a player of the Spanish team as well during she lived in Barcelona.


Every question counts!