PRADA’s new-wave cinematographic fashion ad

Look at Prada’s newest fashion ads and check out these art direction details:

  • Prada has unveiled their Spring 2019 men’s and womenswear campaign in the form of enigmatic film posters.
  • The ad is combining the iconic twiggy-like make-up from the 60’s and the classy, timeless Prada style.
  • The art direction is based on the vibrant play of monochrome and colorful pictures.
  • The dynamic is reverse because the magnified portrait is at the back (normally the eyes see the front objects bigger) and the half-/full body is in front.
  • In the setting the 2 looks of the model is constant and use one 30% of the picture.
  • The PRADA logo is the biggest word on the promotion and uses 7% of the ad.
  • In all ad one shot looks up- and the other stares sideways.
  • The white, clear, spacey background is highlighting the prestige of the PRADA logo.


The five female supermodels, Freja Beha Erichsen, Gigi Hadid, Maike Inga, Liu Wen and Anok Yai have been renamed after Prada accessories: Sybille, Sidonie, Margit, Odette and Belle.

The male models, Daan Duez, Jonas Glöer and Tae Min – are in turn presented as matinée idols, masculine counterparts to the female stars. 

Models become movie protagonists, recreated as modern-day silver-screen idols, spectacular.


Photo credit: Willy Vanderperre. Courtesy of Prada

Art director: dja

Cinematographer: Benoit Debie

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